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A few words about me

I started working with PBNs pretty long time ago, and I had he chance to work for/with people who valued quality. I learned that the only way to succeed in the SEO services world is to provide QUALITY and RESULTS. And here I am, aiming for both. Right now I work with a VERY LOW ROI, because my target is not to make quick $$, but to make a name in the industry.
I am happy that my customers see value in what I provide and return to buy more. I am very happy o be able to provide SERP movements. I go with the idea that, if you help your customer earn, he will come back and invest more. So it's a WIN-WN.
Everything on my PBNs is top notch, clean domains (0 spam, clean history), strong BL profile, HQ content, HQ design. I don't play with my PBNs, I do the job as it needs to be done.